Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dojo Developer Day (3DNY)

First, let me just say "use dojo 0.9 or greater!" It is API incompatible with 0.4.X but it is the future of dojo. It is leaner, quicker, and... well... better.

OK, I know this blog is a bit shoddy and doesn't flow... but our schedule is really tight and I shouldn't be spending much time blogging.

Simon Bates and David Bolter in Times Square, NYSimon and I flew into New York Friday morning, sped over to the Manhattan IBM building in a cab, and after setting off alarms, getting our badges, and waiting around, Alex Russell showed up and let us in. We were just in time for introductions where I learned about people's giant pet cats, failed music bands, and other secrets. It was basically a big getting-to-know-each-other, followed by break out sessions. After lunch we really started to make some progress getting a picture of dijit status and planning for 0.9 beta.

The evening started at ESPN Zone, a sports bar in Madison Square, and then a handful of us proceeded to the Belmont, a lounge in Union Square. I am a beer guy, but still I highly recommend the passion fruit mohito.

Saturday was much the same but included more people using (not just contributing to) dojo toolkit.

See also Alex Russell's blog: 3DNY Wrapup

...and Flickr pics from Alex and others.