Friday, February 29, 2008

ARIA News: Marco's Tips, jQuery, dojo

Marco has begun his promised blog series on ARIA tips! Marco, a bright new Mozilla employee is someone to listen to; he's close to the metal with respect to making accessibility work and is respected in the accessibility community.

If you are a DHTML developer you must subscribe to Marco's blog; or perish.

Oh by the way it is about time I did some other name drops. Colin Clark and I are going to be talking to John Resig and Paul Bakaus on Monday to see how we can help their community make jQuery UI rock even more with ARIA and other goodies.

We (at the ATRC) continue to help the dijit community add polish to the dojo toolkit's solid ARIA and keyboard implementation.

ARIA support is growing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GNOME Accessibility Grants!

GNOME A11y Outreach logoDo you care about free software and feel that the functionality it provides should be available to everyone? Do you want to be welcomed into a fantastic community of nice people doing innovative and creative work? Want to help make the GNOME desktop usable by everyone? Want to solve difficult technical problems? Or to write documentation? Would you like some money? Can you get the job done?

More info:

Press release:

Uncle Willie needs you!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm officially back to work now, and will be on campus at the ATRC Research and Development Lab Monday, February 25th.

For now, the bulk of my time will be mentoring and hacking on JavaScript accessibility in both dojo and jQuery; with some time reserved for our mobile applications project, and, of course, GNOME!

Riley is seven weeks old and smiling, sometimes.