Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Safari/WebKit Accessibility News


Keyboard: It looks like we're getting that much needed DHTML/Ajax keyboard support for Safari/WebKit. Thanks go to Alice Liu et al. for making it possible for us to set tabindex on any DOM element. [bug 7138]

ARIA: WebKit has also joined Firefox2+, Opera9.5+, and IE8 in adding support for WAI-ARIA, the W3C draft specification for making DHTML (Ajax) accessible. Thanks go to Beth Dakin et al. for the initial implementation of basic ARIA roles. [bug 12132]

In related news, I had a nice chat with Alp Toker late this afternoon over on #a11y ( He's going to donate time to help drive the work on the Linux accessibility atk/at-spi backend for WebKit. Alp is a WebKit/GTK+ ninja so this is outstanding.

I appreciate the heads up today Maciej.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Firebug 1.2 alpha on FF3

Someone kindly told me that I had a stale firebug! Go here for the latest.

I recently managed to get an alpha firebug (1.2.0a7x) working well on FF3 by also installing the Web Developer add-on and restarting. I've confirmed that this workaround also helped a colleague (using a more recent 1.2.0a22x of firebug). The workaround doesn't appear necessary for 1.2.0a23x. In other words, this post is obsolete. Sorry for the interruption.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GNOME A11y Meeting Summary

Here is my summary of our weekly GNOME accessibility meeting:

We briefly discussed the pointer grab issue. Can we deprecate XGrabPointer? Frafu and I are to discuss and take this up with the X people if it makes sense. Frafu will likely carry this torch.

We may be getting another evince task proposal.

We also discussed how to organize the meetings moving forward. During the meeting we will: do GOPA status updates, spend a few minutes to meet any new folks on the channel, and finally, discuss a 'hot topic' in GNOME accessibility.

Where: #a11y (gnome irc)
When: Mondays 9:30am EST (13:30 UTC)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly GNOME GOPA meetings!

Our plan is to meet weekly to discuss GNOME accessibility tasks and share witty remarks. Please join us if you are good at either. There is still lots of work (and money) to share!

Where: #a11y (gnome irc)
When: Mondays 9:30am EST (13:30 UTC)

We met yesterday and ended up discussing magnification. I look forward to seeing Kristian post to the gnome-accessibility-list again about possible magnification work. It would be great to move forward in this area soon.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Safari Accessibility

There is a conversation happening about Safari (and WebKit) Accessibility. It all started with a post to GNOME desktop developer list from Maciej Stachowiak. I added the Mozilla Accessibility list in the cc of my reply.

We all seem to be mostly agreeing, I think...