Friday, April 25, 2008

Firebug 1.2 alpha on FF3

Someone kindly told me that I had a stale firebug! Go here for the latest.

I recently managed to get an alpha firebug (1.2.0a7x) working well on FF3 by also installing the Web Developer add-on and restarting. I've confirmed that this workaround also helped a colleague (using a more recent 1.2.0a22x of firebug). The workaround doesn't appear necessary for 1.2.0a23x. In other words, this post is obsolete. Sorry for the interruption.

Thanks for reading.


Thomas Stache said...

1.2a7 is pretty ancient, relatively speaking... You should probably try 1.2a23 as linked from

David Bolter said...

Thomas, wow thanks a bunch! I wonder how I missed this during my recent firebug install? Maybe I didn't go straight to the source. That'll teach me! ;)