Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Safari/WebKit Accessibility News


Keyboard: It looks like we're getting that much needed DHTML/Ajax keyboard support for Safari/WebKit. Thanks go to Alice Liu et al. for making it possible for us to set tabindex on any DOM element. [bug 7138]

ARIA: WebKit has also joined Firefox2+, Opera9.5+, and IE8 in adding support for WAI-ARIA, the W3C draft specification for making DHTML (Ajax) accessible. Thanks go to Beth Dakin et al. for the initial implementation of basic ARIA roles. [bug 12132]

In related news, I had a nice chat with Alp Toker late this afternoon over on #a11y ( He's going to donate time to help drive the work on the Linux accessibility atk/at-spi backend for WebKit. Alp is a WebKit/GTK+ ninja so this is outstanding.

I appreciate the heads up today Maciej.

Thanks for reading.

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maciej said...

Just to be super clear, we do not have anywhere close to full ARIA support yet. This is just a starting point. I don't want anyone to make fun of us based on our limited support so far.