Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GNOME A11y Meeting Summary

Here is my summary of our weekly GNOME accessibility meeting:

We briefly discussed the pointer grab issue. Can we deprecate XGrabPointer? Frafu and I are to discuss and take this up with the X people if it makes sense. Frafu will likely carry this torch.

We may be getting another evince task proposal.

We also discussed how to organize the meetings moving forward. During the meeting we will: do GOPA status updates, spend a few minutes to meet any new folks on the channel, and finally, discuss a 'hot topic' in GNOME accessibility.

Where: #a11y (gnome irc)
When: Mondays 9:30am EST (13:30 UTC)

Thanks for reading.


marnanel said...

Pointer grab issue: isn't that actually an issue with system-modal dialogue boxes, rather than with XGrabPointer per se? X itself doesn't have an idea about system-modal windows, but mwm does (and mwm's ideas are often copied by other WMs); I don't really know offhand.

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