Monday, June 9, 2008

Intel Core2 Extreme 3Ghz

That's right baby... on my desk this morning in the form of a Sun Microsystems Ultra 24! I'm sort of slack-jawed at the awesomeness. I'm thinking I'll configure it for a dual boot with OpenSolaris, and either Ubuntu, or Fedora.


Matt Galvin said...

Sweet. I am very interested to hear how well they work with the various Linux distros (namely Ubuntu and OpenSUSE). The company I work for just bought all the developers (myself being one of them) new Ultra 24's! We have 7 Ultra 24's on the way. I can hardly wait! :)

David Bolter said...

@matt, sorry I missed you comment earlier. Ubuntu is flying on this beastie! You can unleash the graphics card by going into the advanced preferences. No need to hunt for drivers yourself... everything just works. I haven't put OpenSolaris on yet... and probably won't be testing OpenSUSE. Let me know how it goes!