Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Innovation and Usability in Firefox

This is almost a bait and switch... but not quite.

Where I see Frank's Mozilla Accessibility Strategy document providing direction for Firefox/gecko is in the Mozilla development process as it applies to pushing the web forward. Your friendly gecko accessibility team currently consists of 3 core members: Marco Zehe, Alexander Surkov, and some newbie. This team is a vital part of bringing the web to everyone, but also, by its existence, it has the potential to create a false sense of security; sort of a "the accessibility special forces has our back" cushion. To some extent that cushion exists, but you have to make sure you're sitting on it. So what am I getting at?

In a nutshell please see Marco's call for ping-age.

This is happening.

That's great.

Please do it more often.

I'm looking at you too #labs and #ux, cuz accessibility breeds innovation, and accessibility is usability.

Thanks for reading.


David Bolter said...

Ah heck, I should have mentioned Ginn Chen! He's an important part of the extended a11y team... and there are many other people who help the ecosystem.

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