Saturday, March 17, 2007

CSUN Mozilla Hacking

Mozilla is kindly sending me to CSUN!

Next week is CSUN, the "Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference" and I look forward to mingling with the amazing community that assembles there every year. When not flitting about or helping out with the Mozilla booth I'll likely be in a room Aaron has reserved for group hacking and problem solving where I will meet with talented people some of whom I know only through IRC, email, blogs, and bugzilla.

Due to scheduling conflicts I won't fly in to LA until Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the change in climate as I was out shoveling snow this morning.

In related news, I think that Deb or Robert are going to pull my feed into Planet Mozilla soon so I hope to blog a bit of the CSUN experience for the enjoyment of our extended community.

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