Sunday, March 4, 2007

Solving Disability (continued)

Note to self:
"...for people without disabilities, technology makes things convenient, whereas for people with disabilities, it makes things possible."
Judy Heumann, 1998


Catherine said...

You know, I use that quote a lot (even in French) and I had always attributed it to Jutta as she had wrote it in one of her papers (Expanding the Digital Media in More Human Directions - 2000). Now I know where she got it.

And personally, I do not think it is necessary to solve disability. I think solving disablism is really what is needed ;)

davidb said...

Jutta produces lots of amazing quotes but I'm not sure where that one originated. The first citation I could find was Judy's so I credited her.

Yes. I am actually a little uncomfortable with my choice of blog title. What I was trying to capture in my earlier blog with the same title was the notion of a reductionist approach to the term "disability". I agree with the comment here that it really isn't necessary to "solve disability" in the sense of "cure". Actually, in hindsight, "Solving Disablism" might have been closer to what I was thinking.

Thanks for the comment.

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