Monday, April 2, 2007

Charles L. Chen

Charles L. ChenCharles L. Chen is in the US working on the Fire Vox and CLiCk, Speak extensions for Firefox.

Fire Vox is a screen reading extension for Firefox. It has features not commonly found in commercial screen readers, such as built-in support for MathML, CSS 3 speech properties, and WAI-ARIA Live Regions.

Unlike Fire Vox which is designed for visually impaired users, CLiCk, Speak is designed for sighted users who want text-to-speech functionality. It has a simple, mouse driven interface that is designed to be easy for users familiar with point-and-click graphical user interfaces.

Charles recently created test cases of accessible AJAX live regions by using the WAI-ARIA live region markup. This work was funded by the Mozilla Foundation.

In his spare time, Charles likes to help out Knowbility.

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