Thursday, April 19, 2007


FluidToday I attended, in an advisory capacity, a day long meeting to launch the Fluid project. The core architecture is being designed here at the ATRC, which is located at the University of Toronto; but there are many partners including other Universities as well as industrial partners and other projects. What is Fluid? The website has this text:
"The FLUID project will create a user interface architecture that enables the creation and consistent use of modular, reusable, and swappable user interface components. The project will develop a living library of robust, usable, accessible UI components, which can be reused across applications, contributed to, and evolved by the community."
I think the components will be DHTML based. Fluid will investigate and hopefully be able to choose an exisiting Javascript GUI toolkit to build on.

There were about 17 of us at the face-to-face meeting and it went very well. Most time was spent on the topic of governance which is so important to get right early (see a related blog:Handling Disagreements in Open Collaborative Projects by Frank Hecker)

It was a great first meeting.


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