Monday, September 1, 2008

Google's Browser?

It seems Google has an open source browser project.

I believe this must be true because a comic strip on the web told me so. While I was reading this comic I wasn't sure what amazed me more, the interesting things I was learning about the technical design of Chrome (the Browser), or the fact that I was enjoying learning about the technical design of Chrome from comic characters.

Is Chrome accessible? Although there was a lot of information about V8, the JavaScript VM, the comic didn't tell me if it had WAI-ARIA support for JavaScript+DOM+CSS based web applications. I was really hoping to see a T.V. Raman, or Charles Chen comic character.

Seriously though, it sounds like the rendering is to be done by Webkit, so perhaps too, the exposure of ARIA semantics in the DOM to desktop Accessibility API will eventually come from Webkit. Of course Firefox has pioneered this stuff, but Aaron is helping the other browsers as much as he can. Today, ARIA is a crucial piece of pushing the web as an application platform.

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Danny Sam said...

Yes what you assumed is true. Google is releasing its browser today.

More about it here

David Bolter said...

BTW, John Foliot points out that the comic lacks alt-text (on the wai-xtech list).

David Bolter said...

Lots of people reporting even basic access is lacking in Chrome (via screen reader).

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