Friday, September 26, 2008


Several days ago Tim Riley, and Jono DiCarlo, both from MoCo visited our lab here at the ATRC. As a sort of swearing-in I took them to our services pod where they got to try out some assistive technology. I took a few pics, and decided to try out my free download of Comic Life for OS X. It is a visual tool that is incredibly intuitive and simple to use (but not very accessible I'm afraid).
comic, description follows:
The first few frames show Jono, and Tim with shiny dots on their foreheads. These dots are picked up by a camera resting on the top of the screen, and allow the operation of the mouse pointer via head movement. We hooked them up with the open source Dasher input software. I think they both got a kick out of trying this and other Assistive Technology. The last frame shows them meeting with more of my group at the University of Toronto, where we discussed QA, automated testing, and UI design in open source communities.

Thanks for reading.

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