Saturday, January 10, 2009

Joining the Mozilla Accessibility Team

For my readers, all 5 of you, I want you to know the rumors are truthy. The Mozilla Corporation has come to an arrangement with the ATRC that will allow me to spend some time focusing on helping Marco and Surkov with Firefox accessibility!

We're scattered nicely. Marco works in Germany, and Surkov in Siberia. I'm working out of Mozilla's Toronto office where, in one week, I've managed to spill shawarma juice on Beltzner's chair, ramble irrelevantly and incoherently to Jeff Muizelaar about C++ object layout compiler differences[1], and order the sandwich melt instead of the dry rub ribs at CGL. What was I thinking?

Things I've learned: some spouses do in fact let their husbands brew beer in the kitchen, seriousness combined with fun is serious fun, having an espresso machine in the office is genius, the world stops for women's five pin bowling, if an Olympian uses chemical enhancements then they should compete in an evening gown, and finally, I'm going to learn a lot. I'm used to working with smart people... but these guys are sick!

[1] My current bed time reading is "Inside the C++ Object Model" by Lippman. I wish I'd read this 12 years ago. I recommend it to anyone interested in C++ object layout, compiler optimizations and so on... fantastic... but my next book choice will be fiction.


dave said...

That's great news, David. I hope you'll be blogging lots about your work, and that we'll run into each other when I'm there next.


steve faulkner said...

congrats dave, didn't know so many people read your blog.

SteveLee said...

As one of the 5 (surely not that many) I'm very pleased for you and Mozilla. As we said on IRD I'm relying on you to hack with me at CSUN and help be land my first patch.

I had to look up 'shawarma' sounds like what we call Donner kebabs in UK. Loads of grease runs down your arms as you eat so Belzner's chir must be a mess.

Happy dreams about v-tables - that will also help understand COM ;-)

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